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Our Functions

To organize, assist and to develop Cooperative Societies.

To carry on Cooperative propaganda.

To spread education on Co-operative Principles and Practices.

To participate in the developmental activities and decentralized planning of the local authorities.

To organize training programmes for the employees of Cooperative Societies and for the members of the Committee and to ensure their participation in such programmes.

The study attempts to review the present level of Cooperative Education & Training activities undertaken by the Kerala State Cooperative Union vis-à-vis the above objectives


STATE CO-OPERATIVE UNION presently focuses on providing Co-operative Education, Co-operative Training, Assisting Co-operative Organisations in its growth and to carry out Co-operative propaganda...Read more


  • Kerala State Co-Operative Union, Sahakarana Bhavan, Oottukuzhi, P.B.No: 108, Thiruvananthapuram-695001, Kerala.