Co-operative Education:

Any type of organization succeeds if its base is strong. Co-operatives are institution came into existence for helping their members through self-help and mutual help. The members being the base of any Co-operative enterprise ,their enlightenment involvement and active participation in its working and management, their loyalty towards the organization , awareness of their rights and duties etc., hold key to its success.
The founders of the State Cooperative Union, Kerala had properly visualized the need for Cooperative Education and Training for the success of Cooperatives. The Cooperative Principles also laid stress on the need for member education by accepting Cooperative Education and Training as one of its principles.

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Member Education Scheme:

The Kerala State Cooperative Union realized this and made extensive arrangements for conducting member education programme in the state. The staffing pattern discussed earlier has mentioned the position of Cooperative Education Instructors at the various Member Education Units. These Instructors carryout the member education programmes at the district level.

Member Education scheme sponsored by the National Cooperative Union of India was introduced in Kerala in 1957 as a pilot project and it is being implemented by the State Cooperative Union, Kerala as per the guidelines given by the NCUI from time to time. Cooperative Education programme is now being implemented by the State Cooperative Union as per the scheme for the utilization of Cooperative Education Fund approved by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies and as recommended by the Managing Committee of the State Cooperative Union every year. All expenses incurred for this scheme are met from the Cooperative Education fund remitted by the Cooperative Societies out of their net profit. Besides Government of Kerala provides Rs.20 lakhs for the above purpose.

The State of Kerala has 11690 Cooperatives spread over 14 districts. The total membership of these societies comes to 29486445 members. The major activity of the State Cooperative Union is educating the members, Managing Committee Members,
prospective members, women and youth, public etc. In order to achieve this, the Union conducts a variety of programmes, such as Cooperative camps, rallies, seminars, conferences, attending general body meetings, conducting managing committee classes, arranging lectures in colleges and Schools on Cooperation, organizing debating and essay competitions, organizing special programmes for women, weaker sections etc.

Cooperative Training:

The Kerala State Cooperative Union has the distinction of the first organization to start cooperative training in the country and it continued to develop cooperative training institutions in the State. The Cooperative Colleges and Training Centers in Kerala situated at major district places. The Higher Diploma in cooperation and Junior Diploma in cooperation are conducted by these institutions.

Leadership Development Programme/ Management Development Programme:

Besides this, the State Cooperative Union is arranging the Leadership management Programme and Management development
programme for the Leaders and Chief Executives of the Cooperative Institutions every year at various places in the State.








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