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Essay on our freedom fighter PDF|eassy on hamari azadi ke nayak per nibandh

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A new and fragmented nation after independence
When India became independent in August 1947, there were many big challenges in front of it, due to partition, 80 lakh refugees had come to India from Pakistan.
It was necessary to make living arrangements for these people and give them employment. After this there was the problem of the princely states. About 500 princely states were ruled by kings or
It was running under the rule of the Nawabs.

Getting them all ready to join the new nation was a herculean task. The problem of refugees and princely states required immediate attention. In the long run, this nascent nation also had to develop a political system that could best express the hopes and aspirations of its people

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It was not even six months since independence that the whole nation fell into deep mourning. On January 30, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by fanatic Nathuram Godse. He differed with Gandhiji’s firm belief that Hindus and Muslims should
We should stay together while creating goodwill. The same evening, a stunned nation heard Jawaharlal Nehru’s emotional speech on All India Radio: “Friends, comrades, the light of our lives has gone out and there is darkness all around. Our beloved leader… Father of the Nation is no more.”
In 2022, the population of India in 1947 was very large, about 34.5 crores, this population was also divided among themselves. There is high caste and low caste,
The majority were Hindu community and Indians following other religions. People of this vast country spoke different languages, there was a huge difference in their dress.
There was great diversity in their food habits and occupations. How could such a diverse people be organized into a nation state? Along with the problem of unity, development was also a big problem. At the time of independence, a vast majority of India lived in villages.

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Farmers and cultivators depended on the rains for their livelihood. The same situation was with the non-agricultural sectors of the economy. if the crop fails
So there used to be a crisis on the income of barbers, carpenters, weavers and other artisans. In cities, factory workers lived in overcrowded slums where there were no special arrangements for education or health facilities. To get this huge population out of the clutches of poverty, not only increasing the yield of agriculture
It was necessary but also to create new industries where people could get employment.

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The processes of integration and development had to go hand in hand. If the differences between the different sections of India are not resolved, they
could turn into violent and very dangerous confrontations. Therefore, such conflicts were also costly for the country. high caste and low caste
Somewhere between the Hindus and the Muslims, there was apprehension of tension due to some other reason. On the other hand, if economic development
Had the benefits not extended to a larger section of the population, further discrimination could have arisen. In such a situation, the rich and the poor, the city and the country, the affluent and
Backward areas could have made a difference.
The framing of the new constitution was done between December 1946 and November 1949 by about 300 Indians.
Had a long discussion about the political future. Although the meetings of this “Constituent Assembly” were held in New Delhi, its
The members were spread all over the country and were representative of many political parties. As a result of these discussions, the Constitution of India was written.
Which was implemented on 26 January 1950.
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One of the special features of our constitution was that it made provision for universal adult franchise. This meant that all Indians over the age of 21 had the right to vote in provincial and national elections. This was a revolutionary step. Never before had Indians had the right to choose their own leaders. People of other countries like UK and USA have this right in piecemeal activity Imagine that you are leaving India in 1947
A British officer. At the same time you write letters to your family members in which you are discussing what would happen to India in the absence of the British. What would be your opinion about the future of India?
universal adult vote for all adult citizens
right to give

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